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Paul Stoodley, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Vice Director for Imaging Center for Genomic Sciences
Allegheny-Singer Research Institute
320 E. North Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15212-4772
Phone: (412) 359-687

Students Mentored and Co-supervised
URA: Undergraduate Research Assistant

Name Degree and MSU dept. Dates Project
Todd Shaw PhD Mathematics, Committee member / lab. supervisor 2002-2003 Measuring and modeling the viscoelastic properties of biofilms.
Patrick Norris MS Mech. Eng., Co-chair 2002 Ultrasonic delivery of antibiotics from hydrogels to bacterial biofilms
Bolor (Laura) Purevdorj PhD Microbiology, Co-chair 2000- Cell signaling and hydrodynamics in biofilms
Brett Towler PhD Civil Eng. Committee / lab. supervisor 2000-2004 Biofilm viscoelasticity
Zack Bell URA Microbiology 2002- Proteomics of detached biofilm
Krista Cooperstein* URA Microbiology 2002- Proteomics of detached biofilm
Matt Winston URA Mechanical Eng. 2002-2003 Biofilm viscoelasticity and detachment
Margo Schurman URA Statistics (advisor: Marty Hamilton) 2002 Distribution of detached biofilm particles
Michele Wolf MS Statistics (advisor: Marty Hamilton) 2002 Statistical analysis of biofilm structure
Cory Rupp** URA Mechanical Eng. 2001- Biofilm viscoelasticity (Keck Fellow)
Krista vanBuren URA Ind. Management Eng. 2002- Ultrasonic delivery of antibiotics from hydrogels to bacterial biofilms
Paul Gentile URA Mech. Eng. 2003- Mobile biofilm unit
Iolanda Francolini (Roma University) Chem E. PhD under Prof. Gianfranco Donelli 2003 Ultrasonic delivery of antibiotics from hydrogels to bacterial biofilms
Benjamin Klayman PhD Civil Eng., Committee member 2003- Tracking the movement of biofilm cells (Keck Fellow)
Cathryn OíSullivan (University of Queensland) PhD Environmental Engineering under Prof. Linda Blackall 2003 Cellulose degradation by biofilms
Scott Warnick URA Electrical Eng. 2002 Microelectrorheometrey of biofilms (Keck Fellow)
Ryan Cargo URA Mechanical Eng. 2001-2002 Biofilm viscoelasticity (Keck Fellow)
Chayne Piscitelli* URA Chemistry 2000-2001 Cell signaling proteins in biofilms
Jennie Graham URA Microbiology 2000 Detached biofilm particulates
Braden Dunsmore (visiting from University of Exeter) PhD Biological Sciences under Hilary Lappin-Scott 2000 Formation and behavior of SRB biofilms
Susan Ruone URA Microbiology 1999 Detached biofilm particulates

CBE Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)program
Aaron Jacobsen Biological Systems in Eng., University of Nebraska 2000 Mechanical properties of biofilms
Kimberly White Microbiology, University of Missouri 2001 Antimicrobial resistance of detached biofilm clumps
Heather Adams Genetics/Molecular Cell Biology, Washington State University 2002 Detachment of an oral biofilm by powered brushing
Paul Gentile Mech. Eng. MSU. 2003 Mobile biofilm unit

* Recipient USP Scholarship

** 2003 Goldwater Scholarship Nominee, 2003 William Parkins Engineering-Physics Award, 2003 Boeing Scholarship, 2002 Summer internship at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, 2003 Summer internship at the Los Alamos National Laboratory - Dynamics Summer School Program.

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