Genetic Study of RRP

If you decide to participate in this important research project, the following will be required:

bullet A ScopeŽ mouthwash from the person with RRP
bullet A ScopeŽ mouthwash from the biological mother
bullet A ScopeŽ mouthwash from the biological father
bullet A questionnaire that will take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete

[If either the mother or the father are unavailable then a ScopeŽ mouthwash from the patient’s brothers and sisters who share the missing parent(s). Even if no relatives are available, then we would still welcome your paticipation]

All you need to do is contact our research coordinator, Ms Marilyn Smith, who will mail a test kit to you; it will contain all that you need to collect the samples. The test is a mouth rinse. It will not hurt. You would then send it back to us at our expense. We will respect your privacy and maintain your confidentiality to the best of our ability.

Please understand that this is a study to help scientists, doctors and patients understand more about RRP. It is not a treatment trial.

You are also welcome to discuss this with the staff of the International RRP Information, Support and Advocacy (ISA) Center or the staff of the Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation.



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