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The Center for Genomics Sciences LogoThe Center for Genomic Sciences (CGS) is a comprehensive and flexible research facility designed to investigate a broad range of medically and surgically relevant problems using cutting-edge molecular genetic and bioinformatics techniques. CGS is a self-contained research unit of Allegheny-Singer Research Institute, ASRI, the research arm of Allegheny General Hospital which, in turn, serves as the tertiary care facility for the entire West Penn Allegheny Health System

The facilities and intellectual infrastructure of CGS provides a collegial and collaborative academic/clinical environment that promotes interdisciplinary research grounded in the fundamental concepts of modern functional genomics. The Center fosters the development of surgeon-scientists, physician-scientists and biomedical researchers throughout the institution and the Pittsburgh area by actively working to develop partnerships among teams of individuals with diverse scientific, clinical, computational and engineering backgrounds. CGS scientists study genetic and evolutionary phenomena that impact human health from a top-down approach. This is accomplished by the use of global research tools which permit imaging of entire genomes and expressomes simultaneously, as opposed to narrowly investigating a single gene in isolation from its environment. This is the molecular biological equivalent of studying a symphony from a conductor's score instead of just listening to the second oboe to try to discern what the composer had in mind. This approach to learning and understanding is applied to viral and bacterial pathogens as well as to their human hosts.

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Rest in Peace
Dr. J. William Costerton

Dr John William (Bill) Costerton passed away peacefully on May 12, 2012 surrounded by his loving and harmonious family. He was a man of the mountains, a scientist, a visionary, a community builder, an adventurer, and a child of God.

You will honour him in science by being curious, tenacious, dedicated, and collaborative. The current research and future directions as illustrated at the Festschrift presentations are of paramount importance to him.

You will honour him in your lives by choosing adventure, and sharing love that goes beyond measuring.

A thanksgiving service will be held on May 22 at St Paul's Cathedral, Kamloops.

In lieu of flowers or extensive travel, the family respectfully suggests donations to be made the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Calgary.












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