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Sequencing, Gene Expression and Genotyping Services

The Center for Genomic Sciences (CGS) Core Facility offers a wide range of high-throughput genomic services for high-confidence, cost-effective genotyping using different state-of-the-art genomic platforms. CGS services include sequencing, single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping, and gene expression profiling services to researchers in the academic, industrial, and pharmaceutical communities.

1.       Sequencing: At the CGS Core Facility, we offer sequencing services via two different sequencing platforms. The first one uses 454 technology and the 454 Life Sciences Genome Sequencer 20 Instrument for fast sequencing of microbial genomes. The Big Dye technology and the ABI 3730xl instrument constitute the second platform mainly used for human genomes candidate gene studies and SNP discoveries or for microbial genomes gap closures.

2.       Gene Expression: The Illumina BeadArray Technology (Illumina's BeadStation 500G System) is used for gene expression profiling. The Illumina BeadArray GeneChip System is a commercial platform that enables rapid, reproducible, and accurate microarray analysis on a genome-wide scale.

3.       Genotyping: SNP genotyping performed at the CGS Core Facility also exploits Illumina bead-based array platform supported by a very reproducible and high-confidence GoldenGate® Assay protocol. We offer very flexible options to our customers to perform either custom-SNPs or commercially available SNPs panels from Illumina, thus we can accommodate smallest pilot scale projects to large-scale projects, with throughput ranging from several hundreds of SNPs to several thousand genotypes per day.

For additional information:

Please contact Dr. Fen Hu for general inquiries, details on the cost of our services and procedures to submit specimens.

Fen Ze Hu, Ph.D.
Phone:       412-359-8094
Toll-Free:   888-887-7729
Fax:             412-359-4377
E-mail:       [email protected]

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