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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science that seamlessly integrates computational methodologies into molecular biology, biological databases and genotypes. It focuses on the molecular biology and physics of the cell, and emphasizes the use of advanced mathematics and computation.

The explosion in genomic information has created an unprecedented need for the twenty first century biologist. The multidisciplinary requirements of genetics and biological information demand a deep working knowledge of the biological sciences as well as the computational methods.

By creating computer-assisted tools and extensive electronic databases on genomes and protein sequences, computer software engineering provides information technology solutions to solve problems in the life sciences

Our solutions for the statistical genetics and bioinformatics include:

  • Development of custom software and relational database system to store and manipulate various biological data, such as specimen, oligo sequence, and nucleicacid.
  • Using pseudo relational database query language to query the Sybase database and to answer important biological questions.
  • Development and application of computational statistical analysis tools for genotyping
  • Development of application to simulate the intellectual analysis of macroarray, and re-array.
  • Building up program interface between liquid handling robot which prepares insert DNAs for microarray spotting, its congnate spectrophotometer, and the gridding robot.

We believe that this cross-fertilization of scientists and information in biotechnology will play a significant role in helping to unlock the mysteries of cell activity, genetic coding, and human disease. Using state-of-the-art research tools and methods across several disciplines, the burgeoning network of research activities at CGS capitalizes on our broad knowledge and capabilities. All of these are designed to identify genes associated with disease and to elucidate the roles these genes play in normal and disease process and the detailed mechanisms by which they play these roles.

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