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Data Analysis Facility

This office houses:
  • The data storage and analysis center (Figure R12) containing a high-end LINUX server with mirrored backup of all critical systems.

  • CGS's internal private gigabyte network.

  • A multiple terabyte data warehousing station for online storage of and CLSM and Macroarray analyses.

  • A Database server housing the GENOMICS and Progeny databases designed by Dr. Ehrlich. GENOMICS contains over 35,000 specimen records accessible through Windows client software.

  • A 5 computer cluster for dstributed BLAST searches for high throughput comparative genomics.

  • A new AMD 64-bit Opteron with dual core CPUs and 16GB of RAM is ready to roll out to speed up the BLAST search engine.

  • Another AMD 64-bit server has been ordered to empower the sequence assembly and gap closure tasks.

  • Numerous software packages for data manipulation are available locally and through Internet hookups.

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