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Corporate Partnerships

CGS scientists and clinicians are eager to partner with industrial colleagues at all levels of research and development to ensure that scientific discoveries get turned into better patient care and technical advances provide new tools for inquiry.

If you are in industry and are looking for an experienced academic partner, CGS scientists and physicians have extensive expertise in the design and development of multi-site clinical trials, the submission of IRB and IACUC protocols, and the generation and analysis of data. CGS employs a full-time senior systems analyst who continually updates and maintains our multiplatform, multi-site relational database. Ongoing upgrades to this system will permit web-based querying, thereby permitting partners with approved access to directly follow specimens tracking, testing and resulting.

Ongoing and Recently Completed Programs with CGS Industrial Partners

  1. The development and evaluation of new technical and investigative methodologies
    1. Amersham/Pharmacia's (formerly Motorola) CodeLink Platforms for microarrays and SNP-based genotyping
    2. Beckman - Genotyping Panel Development
  2. The potential of novel biological targets to serve as points of intervention
    1. Pfizer - Biofilm-specific bacterial gene expression
  3. Evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of pharmaceuticals and medical devices
    1. Pfizer - Comparative effectiveness of various antibiotic regimens following tonsillectomy
    2. Biogen - Identification of Global Gene Expression Changes in PB Lymphocytes following initiation of MS therapy
  4. Analyzing the results of clinical trials through the application of molecular diagnostics
    1. Pfizer - PCR-based detection of chronic middle-ear bacterial pathogens in support of multi-national antibiotic efficacy clinical trials

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