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Educational Mission

The CGS engages not only in research, but also provides hands-on research training for students at all levels. The CGS accepts individuals at any stage of their academic or medical training, and fellowships may be awarded for any period of time between 3 months and 2 years. For information on undergraduate internships, contact Dr. Fen Hu. For information on graduate or post-graduate fellowships, contact Dr. Garth Ehrlich. For information on medical student internships or externships, contact Dr. J. Christopher Post.

Continuing Medical Education
The CGS sponsors several continuing education programs including monthly seminars, journal clubs, and symposia.

Symposia and Workshops
Periodically a timely functional genomics topic will be chosen around which a two to three day international workshop or symposium is organized. The directors have previously organized and hosted three such meetings, one on craniofacial disorders; one on hereditary pancreatitis; and one on New Paradigms in Chronic Bacterial Infectious Diseases. Each of these workshops followed seminal discoveries by CGS scientists: in the cases of genetic diseases the mapping and cloning of the causative genes associated with these inherited disorders; and in the case of chronic infections following establishment of the biofilm paradigm. Currently, a symposia on "The Distributed Genome Hypothesis" and "intelligent implants" are under development. Please check back in the near future for updates concerning these meetings.

The Genomic Sciences Institute (GSI)
In the Fall of 2001, we launched a new educational program, the GSI, whose mission is to provide scientific content training for area high school biology teachers and high school biology students. The GSI hosts both one-day workshops and week long hands-on experience. In the future, GSI will develop and distribute human genomic CME material for healthcare professional but upon specialty.


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